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Original artwork

  • Amazing Marketplace

    Amazing Marketplace

    This colorful and lovely market scene captures the energy and vibrance of countless such marketplaces across Myanmar. In every good-sized city there is an abundance of fresh produce and activity buzzing around these hubs of commerce.
  • Blue Lady

    Blue Lady

    This woman in the beautiful blue turban represents the powerful role of the women of Myanmar. Here, like few other places in the world, women are treated with respect for their hard work, enterprise, ingenuity, and wisdom.
  • Brothers


    This painting, also used for the front cover, was made from a photo taken by one of the Myanmar Team members during a 2014 visit to Kruk Village. We chose this image because it captured so much of the meaning and many of the important elements of the story of Naing Thang.
  • Flowers and Food

    Flowers and Food

    As diverse as the varieties of food for sale throughout Myanmar, flowers of countless colors cover the marketplaces prolific in the subtropical countryside. Beauty is everywhere you look, including the intricate oriental materials worn by the people.
  • Girl and Baby

    Girl and Baby

    Among the nearly sixty million people of Myanmar, beautiful young girls tote little ones with them everywhere they go.
  • Thanaka on Two

    Thanaka on Two

    An ancient Burmese beauty balm called “thanaka,” made from the pulverized bark of a local tree, is unique to Myanmar.
  • Girls Singing in Church

    Girls Singing in Church

    Three young girls joining the Myanmar Team in Matupi in 2019 were singing and praising God vigorously for several days.
  • The Road Maker

    The Road Maker

    This original charcoal of a Myanmar road worker shows the face of a woman who was part of a road-construction crew in the mountains of Chin State.
  • Three Mang Puei

    Three Mang Puei

    This original charcoal was created from a photograph taken at a recent Kaang Chin celebration where locals gathered together to celebrate their history, culture, dress, and dancing.
  • Village Basket Weaver

    Village Basket Weaver

    This Kruk Village basket weaver, U Hrung Ma, has been a fixture in Kruk for longer than even he can remember.
  • Girl with Sticks

    Girl with Sticks

    This painting represents one of the young girls Pastor Naing found in Chin State, carrying sticks of wood on her back to survive after her parents had died.
  • Smoking and Cooking

    Smoking and Cooking

    Cooking pots and attendants such as these are a common and constant sight throughout Myanmar.
  • Kaang Chin Woman

    Kaang Chin Woman

    This Kaang Chin woman wears the colors of the Kaang Chin, proudly displays her very large earrings, and is laden with dozens of necklaces.
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